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Phentermine / Duromine

Phentermine, Marketed as Duromine in South Africa, is a powerful fat burner diet pill that has assisted millions of people worldwide to lose weight rapidly.

Phentermine will probably be recorded in history as the most popular and widely used diet pill of all time due to the millions of users worldwide.

It is an Ephedra based anorexiant drug that is now banned from over the counter sales in most countries in the world including USA, UK and South Africa due to the negative side effects that it produced. In South Africa it is available with a doctors prescription under the brand name of Duromine.

Side effects of Durmomine include heart problems, strokes, psychosis, swelling of the face, allergic reactions, short breath, loss of libido and even death in some instances.

Where can I buy Duromine

Duromine is available at most Pharmacies including Dischem and Clicks but it is only dispensed with a valid doctors prescription.

Doctors in general will only prescribe Duromine in cases of obesity and where the patient is otherwise in good health. This is due to the serious side effects of the Tablet.

Phentermine alternative

The banning of Phentermine resulted in millions of dieters no longer having easy access to the fat burner diet pill that they had become reliant upon.

Manufacturers started to churn out herbal alternatives to Phentermine in a hope to capture the market that Phentermine had left behind, but sadly most of these herbal Phentermine products just did not produce the same results that Duromine produced.

In 2009 RDK Pharmaceuticals released a synthetic fat burner onto the market called Phen375.
Phentermine alternative
The difference between Phen375 and all the other herbal alternatives was that Phen375 is synthetic and was the result of years of research into ingredients that would be similar to that of Phentermine and which would produce the same results as Phentermine, but without the negative side effects.

The strongest fat burner on the market

Phen375 is a synthetic fat burner that synthesizes your hormones to burn fat faster, It also reduces appetite and breaks down fatty chains in the body so that they are easily converted to available energy.

Simply stated, Phen375 is the strongest fat burner on the market that is available without a doctors prescription. It has no known negative side effects.
Strongest fat burner
Phen375 is a pharmaceutical grade diet pill that is manufactured in a FDA approved facility in the USA.

Bun fat fast.
Phen375 synthesizes your hormones so that your body burns fat faster. Hormones are a common cause of weight gain and so it makes sense to use your hormones for weight loss as well.

Reduce appetite.
Not only will you burn fat faster but your appetite will also be reduced so that you eat less and reduce calorie intake forcing additional weight loss.

Increased energy.
The fat that is burnt is converted to available energy. You will experience a huge increase in energy.

Feel Good about Yourself.
When you are full of energy and are busy losing weight fast, you can not help but have a great sense of feeling good about yourself. When using Phen375 fat burner you will feel great all the time.

Lose weight fast.
The combination of an increase in fat burning and a reduced appetite results in rapid weight loss. The results may vary per individual but average weight loss is 3 to 5 pounds per week or 1.5 to 2 kg's per week.
Order Phen375 today and lose weight fast.

Phen375 in South Africa

Phen375 is shipped fro the USA direct to you. It is only available from the Phen375 official website.
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