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The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet
Before and after weight loss
The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is for those who wish to lose weight fast and who have the determination to do it. If you really wish to get rid of fat fast and are prepared to set aside just 25 days then Xtreme fat loss is specially for you.
Lose up to 12kgs in just 25 days
Cheat day every 5th day
Lose fat and build muscle mass
Boosts your metabolism
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14 day Rapid Fat Loss Plan
14 Day Rapid at Loss
Low carb, high fat diets tend to do more damage to your system than they are worth.

Carbs are a very necessary part of your diet but when you eat them wrong they can cause weight gain.

However when you eat them right they can do the exact opposite and send your weight loss results through the roof.

Discover the secrets to boosting your metabolism and losing extreme amounts of weight while eating your favorite carbohydrates.

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Boost your metabolism with carbohydrates
The fat burning diet plans recommended below are my top choices for rapid weight loss.

These diet plans are DIGITAL DOWNLOADS and as such are immediately available to you as soon as you have completed the order process - no waiting weeks for your product to arrive via post.

Prices for the diets are in USD.  Typical conversion rate is USD amount x R13-00. There are no additional fees such as shipping and import taxes.

You will need a credit card to order.

The Two Week Diet

The two week diet review
Your weight loss is guaranteed - you are covered by a full refund guarantee should you not be happy with the results.

The two week diet is an incredible ground-breaking system that is sure to get you body summer ready within just 2 weeks.

Current special price is $37 = approximately R 481.00

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The Two Week Diet

Our Most Recommended Diet Plan

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