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Fat Burner

The Secret Fat Burner

At just R590-00 for a full six weeks supply, The Secret fat burner has to sound like one of the most cost efficient and effective diet pills available on the South African market.

The Secret is a diet pill that supposedly works well if you can believe what the housewives post all over Facebook and the rest of the internet.

While the Facebook posts together with some amazing before and after pictures do look quite convincing I am afraid that I am unable to match the supposed results with the ingredients contained in the pill.

The first thing that raised my suspicion about this product is the instructions for use.
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The secret fat burner

Directions for use

Take one tablet in the morning on an empty stomach. Take for 5 days and skip for 2 days.
Drink sufficient water.

I am sorry but 1 pill a day with the ingredients stated below simply does not equate to effective weight loss. The take for 5 days and skip 2 also does not make any sense to me. Normally it would be suggested that you take a pill for a month or 2 months and then take a break to prevent your body becoming too used to the ingredients.

In fact the only thing that really makes sense is the instruction to drink lots of water.

Ingredients in The Secret Fat Burner

Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange Extract).

Yerba Mate


Cassia Seeds


Raspberry Ketones

Green tea extract.

False claims for The Secret Fat Burner

The package insert for this product does claim that the product does not need to be registered with the medicines council due to an exemption :-

Scheculing Status
Exempted in terms of the complementary Call-up notice dated 22/06/2013
However checking the notice under point 4 shows that this product does need to be registerd. I will not go into this any further but you are welcome to check for yourself on the Medicines Control Council website.

Personally I would not touch this diet pill until such stage as it has been thoroughly tested for ingredients not stated on the label - a trick that Chinese manufacturers love. ( Similar to Simply Slim).